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2019 Autumn Term Year 2 - Lower School

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Curriculum Advice for Parents

Welcome back to the beginning of a new and exciting academic year! We hope that this information will give you helpful details of planned work for this term. Please assist your son/daughter in exploring and discussing these areas. We trust you continue to find the homework diary useful and intend to continue to suggest activities in it.

All year groups will be having English and Mathematics lessons every day. The most important way to help your children is to read with them on a daily basis. The more you read together the better they will do in school and (this is not an overstatement) in life! "Families that read together succeed together!"

We will also continue to suggest spellings and times tables to learn in the homework diary too as this type of work is very important, especially in Year 4. Please continue to refer to the homework diary for general expectations, such as those relating to uniform (summer uniform expectations are in place until October half term). Thank you!

Examples of areas we plan to cover

Art & Design
To link with our History topic on Invaders and Settlers we will be looking at examples of mosaic and creating our own designs using a variety of materials.


Our D&T topic this term focuses on sewing skills, where the children will be designing and creating their own Celtic step patterns using Binca, learning a variety of stitches.


In History, we will be studying Invaders and Settlers and, in particular, the Celts, Romans, Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. We will learn about why people leave their homeland to settle in another country. We will use a range of sources to ask and answer questions about events, making use of all our laptops and iPads.


We will be recapping on basic computing skills with a focus on e-safety and using the school network safely. We will then be using the computer simulation "Arcventure Romans" to learn more about the Romans and the way they lived. Finally we will be learning how to use the internet to safely and efficiently search for information about the Saxons.


In Music this term the children will be focussing on the key musical elements including pitch, rhythm, dynamics, texture and timbre. They will have the opportunity to work as a class and in smaller groups to compose and perfom on a range of percussion instruments. There will also be activities where they will need to show good listening skills. In the lead up to Christmas the children will learn some exciting songs for the Christmas play.

This term the children will be having lessons in: gymnastics jumps, turns and pathways; dance rhythmic patterns linked to the Romans; games football and ball handling skills and the Year 4 classes (4CG, 4P, 4B) will be swimming.


In R.E. this term we will be studying The Fall - considering what Christians learn from the story of Adam and Eve, looking at Hindu worship and celebration in the home (Puja and Divali) and thinking about the celebration of the Incarnation at Christmas.

The topic for Science this half term is "Animals including Humans". We will be looking at how we can group animals in a variety of ways. We will look at the purposes of the human skeleton and at how muscles work. Finally we will explore the importance of eating a healthy, balanced diet and the children will create their own menus. After half term we will be studying forces including gravity and friction. Through practical investigations we will explore different forces and how they affect our everyday lives. We will also learn about magnetism and investigate which materials are magnetic. The children will graph and evaluate their results.


We will be focusing on learning the names of animals to complement our Science topic and then we will move on to learning vocabulary for identifying/describing objects in the classroom.

During the first half term we will be discussing: how to talk about feelings, especially when your relationships change, how to talk to someone you trust and who will respect your feelings and how to respect other people's feelings. In the second half of the term we will begin to understand about different types of drugs and medicines that we might come across at home and in school.

You may like to talk to your child about these topics. The prospectus (which details how the different subjects are taught) is available for download by clicking here.

In addition, you may also wish to:

: research ideas at the local library and help your child to develop his/her library skills;
: search the internet for relevant websites and activities;
: watch relevant television programmes that may support their work, or visit a museum or place of interest;
: simply talk to your child about what they are learning!

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