2021 Autumn Term (Year 2) - Upper School - St Thomas of Canterbury Junior School

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2021 Autumn Term (Year 2) - Upper School

Curriculum Advice for Parents

Welcome back to the beginning of a new academic year! In addition to the Whole School Curriculum Overview (available here) this grid will also give you more details of planned work for this term. We hope that you will be able to help your child explore and discuss these areas as well as ensuring they complete set homework. All year groups will be having English and Mathematics lessons every day. You can support your child in a variety of ways including: reading and discussing books with your son/daughter; helping him/her to learn spellings and number facts (e.g. multiplication tables). Please continue to refer to the homework diary for general expectations, such as those relating to uniform (summer uniform expectations are in place until October half term). Thank you!
Examples of areas we plan to cover

Art & Design
During our Art lessons this term, the children will be exploring drawing techniques, learning about light, shade and tone by using a variety of drawing pencils. We will then look at the use of perspective within a drawing and produce a piece of artwork to reflect the skills we have learnt.

The children will be researching buildings and houses and then designing and making their own model versions using a variety of materials that range in size, texture and usage.

In Computing, we will be considering the vitally important issues of being safe on the web (e-safety) and how we can communicate using email. Towards the end of the term we will be exploring the skills needed to create our very own podcast.

Children will be studying the differences between Essex and Norfolk; through using their place, location and human and physical knowledge. They will describe and understand key aspects of Norfolk’s physical geography, including: climate, vegetation and rivers. The children will be creating maps using compass points, symbols and keys.

The children will learn all about the ancient Greeks during the autumn term. They will be able to identify key localities such as Sparta and Athens on a map. They will be able to place key events in chronological order and will learn how to infer historical information using illustrations and artefacts.

During the autumn term, the children will explore sequences with individual and group performances using music associated with our Ancient Greek unit. They will also have the opportunity to create their own music online using Music O-Generator.

This term children will be learning new gymnastic skills using the theme ‘The Circus’. During outdoor P.E lessons, the children will develop their invasion game skills through hockey, and their net and wall skills through volleyball.

The children will explore and reflect on ‘being me in my world’ and ‘celebrating difference’. The lessons will be discussion-based and children will have opportunities to reflect on their learning individually and in groups.

This term in RE, we will be considering how Christian beliefs and scientific understanding can complement each other or conflict with each other. We will also be exploring the significance of Jewish synagogues as places of worship. Later on in the term we will look at some Old Testament prophecies that point to the birth of Jesus and why we celebrate this at Christmas.

This half term we will be learning about habitats with a focus on plant and animal life-cycles and how species adapt to the habitats in which they live. After half term, we will be exploring electricity. We will create a range of circuits to control different components and draw circuit diagrams to represent them.

We will be learning about food eaten in Spanish tapas restaurants. We will be learning to show likes and dislikes for dishes, how to ask the kind of questions appropriate to dining in a Spanish restaurant. We will end by designing menus for our own restaurants and role-playing being waiting staff and diners going out for a meal.
You may like to talk to your child about these topics. The prospectus (which details how the different subjects are taught) is available for download by clicking here.

In addition, you may also wish to:

: research ideas at the local library and help your child to develop his/her library skills;

: search the internet for relevant websites and activities (see the "Links" page);

: watch relevant television programmes that may support their work, or visit a museum or place of interest;

: simply talk to your child about what they are learning!

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