2022 Autumn Term (Year 1) - Upper School - St Thomas of Canterbury Junior School

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2022 Autumn Term (Year 1) - Upper School

Curriculum Advice for Parents

Welcome back to the new academic year! It is so wonderful to have all the children back at school again after the summer holiday! We would also like to note how impressed we are with how well they have settled in and how sensible they are all being with our new routines.
In addition to the Yearly Outline Curriculum Plan this grid will give you more details of planned work for this term. We hope that you will be able to help your son/daughter explore and discuss these areas as well as complete homework tasks and activities. We know that children who talk to their parents about their learning make better progress!
All year groups will be having English and Mathematics lessons every day. We will continue to set spellings and suggest times tables activities which will be posted on Google Classrooms each week.
Please continue to refer to the homework diary for general expectations, such as those relating to uniform (summer uniform expectations are in place until October half term). Thank you!
Examples of areas we plan to cover

Art & Design
We will be continuing to develop a range of techniques including observational sketching, drawing with colour and mixing, all with the aim of creating a fresco. We start with looking at still life drawings, which then leads us on to discovering the history behind the Maya Stelae created by Catherwood and creating our own versions of a Maya fresco.

This term we will be studying food and healthy lifestyles. We aim to study the history of Maya foods and some of the recipes that we still use today. We hope the children will enjoy trying a variety of different foods and learn the importance of a healthy diet.

In Computing this term, the children will be studying computer coding on Purple Mash. The children will learn coding skills such as loops, debugging and computational thinking. Please feel free to experiment with this at home by accessing 2Code with your child on the Purple Mash website.

This term, our geography unit is studying, 'The World From Above'. Information is gleaned from satellite images and maps and the children will describe what they see and suggest reasons why the geography of the area is as it is. They will also explore the world's continents, their features, climates and biomes and think about human features including World Cities and Urban areas and make 3D models exploring topography to support their investigations.

This term we will be studying the culture of the Ancient Maya. We will be looking at their buildings, beliefs, artwork and day-to-day life and comparing aspects of these with periods of history we have previously studied.

In music we will explore our music appreciation and listen to and reflect upon orchestral music studying Beethoven and his Fifth Symphony. Influenced by this, we will compose our own music and evaluate our performances to make improvements.

In PE this term, the children will complete various outdoor adventure activities where they will work individually, collaboratively in pairs and groups to solve problems while learning to orientate and navigate using a map. The children will also have gymnastics lessons where they will learn a wide range of inverted movements to include cartwheels and handstands. They will explore partner relationships such as canon and synchronisation, matching and mirroring.

We will be thinking about 'Being Me in My World'; learning to value who we are and our new class members. We will also learn about our rights and responsibilities and how we need to respect ourselves and others. After half term we will be working on a 'Celebrating Difference' unit and thinking about the importance and benefits of diversity in our world.

In the first unit, we will be considering whether the Christian story of creation and science are conflicting or complementary. Later in the term, we will be exploring possible answers to why there is suffering in the world from different religious and world views.

This term in science, children will be exploring how animals and humans grow and change throughout their different stages of development. We will also be looking in detail at the purposes and functions of the circulatory and digestive systems. We will investigate what constitutes a healthy diet, and understanding the impact of drugs and harmful substances.

We will be practising our conversational Spanish to introduce ourselves. We will be learning the names of the most common types of shop such as butchers, bakers, supermarket and the items which you may find in them. Then we will go on to look in more detail about how to order food and drink within a Spanish restaurant.
You may like to talk to your child about these topics. The prospectus (which details how the different subjects are taught) is available for download by clicking here.

In addition, you may also wish to:

: research ideas at the local library and help your child to develop his/her library skills;

: search the internet for relevant websites and activities;

: watch relevant television programmes that may support their work, or visit a museum or place of interest;

: simply talk to your child about what they are learning!

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